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Using the Zygor Guides a player can power level their character from 1 to 80 in under 7 days of playing time. Levels are gained by questing 100% of the time by reducing grinding to the point where it is not required to level. Zygor Guides will also allow you to automatically allocate your talent points where your character will get the most benefit. Zygor Guides are advanced enough for top level players to use whilst easy enough for beginners to use. Players can fly through levels with the Zygor Guides after leaving out all of the junk quests designed to slow you down.

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A free fully functional trial of the Zygor Guides is available. Free trial samples are available for both the Horde guide and the Alliance guide. The free trial allows players access to the Zygor Guides up to level 13, and includes access to the new in-game talent advisor.

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The Zygor Guides know when a player has completed steps in the guide and will progress automatically and flash so that the player knows the Guide has updated. The Zygor Guides have an on-screen directional which directs players where to go and how far away they are from their target. The Zygor Guides have raised the standard of World of Warcraft guides. Many features implemented in Zygor Guides have been adopted by other guide makers.

The new policies of Blizzard make it illegal for guide makers to directly sell add-ons. The unique distribution method of Zygor Guides adheres to the new guidelines set by Blizzard making Zygor Guides safe legal and guaranteed not to get banned. No other guide company has sought to adapt to Blizzard’s new policies and regulations.

The Zygor Guides have been rebuilt from scratch with many improved features. Players can now choose from a range of options relating to the looks of the in game guide such as colour, how it blends into the background and animation. The detection of quest steps and the on-screen directional arrow has been improved. The Zygor Guide is compatible with all classes, not just the hunter class.

Zygor Guides works on all operating systems and has an automatic installation wizard to walk you through the installation. If any problems occur there is 24/7 support available. Once the Zygor Guides are installed you can start using it straight away.

MrCyphyr, the player of an undead Rogue, said that the Zygor Guides are easy to load, simple to use, continually supported and updated and that he can level up to 25% faster with this guide than any other guide. Another player, Drcoolj, said that he owns Idemise, Joana’s, Brian Koop’s and Dugi’s levelling guides but none compare to the Zygor Guides. Drcoolj rated the Zygor Guides at 5 stars.

The Zygor Guides Elite Bundle includes both the Alliance Guide and the Horde Guide as well as 6 other bonus guides. These guides increase the speed with which you can level, increase the control and customisation of the Zygor Guides and makes the alliance guide and the horde guide easier to use.

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