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The Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan boardgame is a strategy game that the whole family can enjoy.

The game is played on a board made up of connected hexagonal tiles with each tile being either a resource tile or a water tile. Players, or The Settlers of Catan, must try to conquer their opponents by building settlements, controlling resources and eventually controlling the Island of Catan.

Settlers of Catan Board Game

Settlers of Catan Board Game

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A bit more on how the game is played and won.


Settlements are key for winning the game and for controlling The Settlers of Catan board. Settlements can’t be built within 2 intersections of each other and can only be built on a road that is connected to an existing settlement.



Resources are produced at the start of every persons turn. The Settlers of Catan commence their turn by rolling the die. All resource tiles have numbers on them. If the total number on the die is equal to the number on a hex which a settler has a settlement next to they get 1 of that resource or 2 of that resource if that settlement has been upgraded to a city.

Resource Cards for the Settlers of Catan

Resource Cards for the Settlers of Catan

There are 5 different resource tiles in The Settlers of Catan. Each resource is used for various projects in the rest of The Settlers of Catan game. The quarry tile provides clay for bricks. Bricks are used to build roads and settlements.

The mountain tile provides ore which is used to build cities and buy production cards.

The forest tile provides lumber which is used to build settlements and roads.

The field tile provides grain which is used to build cities, settlements and purchase development cards.

The meadow tile provides wool for the purchase of settlements and development cards.


Trading Resources

Once you have resources they can be used to build things like settlements or roads. Unfortunately, most of the time the settlers of catan won’t have the resources they need to build what they want. This is where trading comes in handy.

The settlers of Catan can trade resources with another settler, providing the other settler accepts your offer or you can trade to the bank. Trading resources to the bank is done at a ratio of 4:1. If the settler controls a harbour then trading that resource can be done at a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1 depending on which harbour they control.


Victory points

The Settlers of Catan need to achieve 10 victory points to win the game. 1 victory point is awarded for each settlement owned by a settler of catan or 2 victory points for each city. 2 special victory points are awarded for having the longest road or having the most knights. Knights are recruited through development cards. Some development cards will award the settler a victory point.


The Robber

The robber makes The Settlers of Catan a little more interesting. When someone throws a 7 all of the settlers of catan who have more than 7 resources must discard half of their resources. Once this is done the settler who rolled the 7 can move the robber to any tile on the board and take a resource card from a settler who owns a settlement adjacent to the tile.

Whilst the robber is on that tile no resources will be generated for rolling the number of that tile. The robber can be moved if one of the settlers of catan rolls a 7 or if one of the settlers of catan uses a knight to chase the robber away.




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