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What are War Strategy Games?

War strategy games are strategy games focused around war, either real or imagined. In online Strategy War Games all players have an equal knowledge of the elements of the game and will compete against their opponents for military supremacy. There is little chance involved in pc War Strategy Games, usually units do a set amount of damage and have a set amount of health. Victory goes to the player who best utilises the abilities of their army to dominate the enemy.

Many online War Strategy Games are Simultaneous Executed TBS games or RTS games. Players are required to make decisions in a constantly changing environment and think strategically about their objectives. Free war strategy games are usually the less challenging version of the commercial varieties and are used to present the main war strategy game to the player with the objective of having them progress to the main game scenarios.

Some non-computer War Strategy Games include the Global Domination Risk series, Axis and Allies and Stratego. Most non computer War Strategy Games are turn based strategy games.

War Strategy Games Scale

War strategy online games can be on a small scale, large scale or an international or galactic scale. Most War Strategy Games are tactics based strategy games as few units or squads are able to be used at one time. These restrictions are known as population caps. Population caps vary with different games from up to 2000 in Supreme Commander to as little as 100 in Warcraft or 200 in Starcraft. Population caps in War Strategy Games are in place to regulate the growth of players and to minimise lag on slower gaming systems.

Strategies for War Strategy Games

Players of computer War Strategy Games will usually be required to manage the logistics and planning of an economy, a population and its growth, the advancement of the nation or race as well as the logistics and planning of an army. Different strategies in War Strategy Games are used by different players. Different strategies are created by using different mixes of economy, technology, population and military.

Players of War Strategy Games will generally use one of two approaches. Some players of War Strategy Games focus on a large workforce with a prosperous economy to fund their slow growing military. The main downfall with this strategy is that players with a military focus can destroy the economy without threat of retaliation. Other players of War Strategy Games will focus on a powerful and advanced military. The main downfall with this strategy is that not enough resources are provided to fuel the military engine and the player will run out of funds early in the game and create a small or stalled economy. Skilled players of War Strategy Games will tailor a mix of both of these approaches to suit them and the people they play against.

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