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What are Risk Games?

Risk Games can refer to any games of risk, often used for simulated business environments. For this site the term Risk Games refers to the global domination and war strategy Risk Game and associated variants.

Risk Board Game

Risk Board Game

The original or classic Risk Game was released in 1957. The game board consisted of a Map of the world divided into 42 territories spread over 6 continents.  The game has remained popular and many new variants have been released. Some variants of Risk Games use the states of America, countries in Europe, or even planets in the Star wars galaxy instead of the countries of the world.

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Players of Risk Games are required to think strategically and employ tactics in order to successfully defeat their opponents. In most games, strategic thinking and tactics however are not enough and negotiation and diplomacy must be used to stay alive and coordinate an attack against a stronger player.

How to Play the Risk Game

The Risk Game starts by players claiming countries with each player taking it in turns to claim a country by placing one troop in that country until all 42 countries have been claimed. Once all countries are claimed the remaining play units or troops are used to reinforce countries. The more troops in a country the easier it is to attack and defend from, there is no limit to the number of troops allowed in a country, though most players of the risk game divide their troops to cover more strategic points. The roll of  a 6 sided die to determine who has the first turn, usually with the highest number rolled going first.

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Players will try to dominate the world by, generating armies, playing cards and conquering regions. In all risk games there is only one type of unit, a troop. The different models represent different quantities of troops. In the classic Risk Games a soldier represents one troop, a horse represents five troops and a cannon represents ten troops. Troops are generated by each player at the start of their turn by totalling up the number of countries owned by that player and dividing by three. In most Risk Games extra troops are awarded for controlling a region or using special abilities on cards.

In Risk, when a player takes a country from an opposing player they will be entitled to draw a card at the end of their turn. The effects of cards vary for different variants of the game. In the classic Risk Game a set of cards can be traded in for extra troops at the start of your turn. In other variants of the Risk Game cards grant special abilities when they are played which may improve troop effectiveness, limit opposing players abilities, increase the rate at which troops are generated or generate troops when you need them most.

Lord of the Rings Risk

Risk Board Game - Lord of Rings Version

Risk Board Game - Lord of Rings Version

Explore unlimited worlds. Grow, evolve and develop your civilisation from the beginning of time until the end of time. Interact with and destroy other cultures in your conquest of the world and galaxy. 

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