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The Best Strategy Game of all time is Command and Conquer Red alert 2 and its expansion C&C Yuri’s Revenge. Red alert 2 is a war strategy game and the sequel to C&C Red Alert which follows an alternate timeline throughout history sparked by Einstein going back in time and assassinating Hitler.


Red Alert 2 is the Best Strategy Game for several reasons. Red Alert 2 is the Best Strategy Game due to its high replay value created by the high level of strategic thinking required and the simple to understand but difficult to master game play. Red Alert 2 is the Best Strategy Game because it has remained popular since its release on 23 October 2008 and is stilled played today. Red Alert 2 is the Best Strategy Game because it has no population cap, its always nice to see 100 tanks moving towards an enemy accompanied by 1000s of infantry and many air units.

Best Strategy Game 2007

Supreme Commander

The Best Strategy Game for 2007 was Supreme Commander. Fans of this game labelled it the Best Strategy Game of 2007 due to the advanced logistics and planning functions in the game. Supreme commander enabled lengthy build queues where builder units could be set to produce many structures in a queue without constant supervision from the player. In this Best Strategy Game factories can be set to constantly and permanently produce a stream of units which could follow a waypoint to a transport and be ferried to the front line without supervision from the player. This Best Strategy Game quickly lost popularity due to introductions of other games such as Sins of a Solar Empire.

Best Strategy Game 2008

Sins of a Solar Empire

The Best Strategy Game for 2008 was Sins of a Solar Empire. Sins of a Solar Empire is the Best Strategy Game of 2008 simply because of its enormous scale. It is possible to have a galaxy with over 50 stars with about a dozen planets to each star. Sins of a Solar Empire is unfortunately very slow to play with short games of one star with 15 planets and only 2 players  taking several hours to complete.

Best Strategy Game 2009

Empire Total War

The Best Strategy Game for 2009 was Empire Total War. Empire total war is the latest game in the total war series. The success of this Best Strategy Game is largely based on a large supporting base of players from other total war games. Empire total war has many advantages over its predecessors such as the long awaited naval warfare, improvements on unit controls in battles and improvements on campaign functions such as artificial intelligence and province advancement.

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