Strategy Games

Strategy Games

What are Strategy Games?

Strategy Games are games where the outcome is determined mostly by skill rather than chance.

In Strategy Games all players usually have an equal degree of knowledge of the elements of the game and will compete against their opponent or opponents to achieve victory. The management and analytical skills required to play Strategy Games make them one of the most popular game genres among adults.

Most computer Strategy Games are able to be called Strategy Games because they focus on domination on a strategic scale, such as the domination of a nation, world or galactic empire. Players of Strategy Games will usually be required to manage the logistics and planning of an army, an economy, a population and it’s growth as well as the advancement of the nation or race. Strategy Games may be referred to as a tactics game rather than a Strategy Games due to a smaller scale of game play or due to missing elements. Some popular Strategy Games include the Command and Conquer series, the Age of Empires series and Supreme Commander.


Types of Strategy Games

Strategy Games can be split into two main genres; Real Time Strategy Games (RTS) and Turn Based Strategy Games (TBS). Real Time Strategy Games are played in real time and players must make their decisions in a constantly changing game environment. Many RTS Games are tactics based. As a result, victory often goes to the player with greater dexterity rather than the most strategical plan. Most RTS Games are on computer and usually involve gaining resources, constructing a camp or fortress, advancing technologies and managing an army.

In Turn Based Strategy Games players are permitted time to evaluate possibilities before making a commitment. A turn is limited to the stretch of resources for that player. TBS Games can be split into two sub genres; Simultaneously Executed Turn Based Strategy Games and Player Alternated Turn Based Strategy Games. In a Simultaneously Executed TBS Game all players will take their turns at the same time. In Player Alternated TBS Games players alternate turns. Almost all non-computer Strategy Games, such as Chess, Draughts, Risk and Mancala, are player alternated turn based Strategy Games.

The RTS subgenre includes games such as Command and Conquer series, Age of Empires series and Dawn of War. The TBS subgenre includes games such as Heroes of Might and Magic series, Chess, Stratego and Checkers. Some games such as the Total War series fit into both subgenres as the campaign mode is turn based but real time for the battles.

Strategy games can be played against computer opponents, human opponents or both. The campaign or story mode of a game will be played against a computer opponent. Multiplayer games over the internet or local area network (LAN) will usually involve playing against human opponents. Human opponents are generally more skilled than computer opponents, and do some strange things.


Online Strategy Games

Strategy games are readily accessible over the internet. Sites accessible through our links page will provide you with additional information and access to online strategy games. Most game sites will provide some free content for their strategy games with extra content purchasable. The extra content will enhance game play and make the game more enjoyable.

The analytical skills and management skills required to play strategy games make this genre very popular among adults and strategic thinkers. The outcome of a strategy game is mostly determined by skill rather than chance as players usually have an equal degree of knowledge of the elements of the game.

War strategy games are based around wars, either real or imagined, such as WWII. Players of war strategy games will compete against one or more opponents for military supremacy. The player who best utilises the abilities of their army to dominate their enemies will achieve victory.

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