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RPGs are Role Playing Games. In Role Playing Games you control a fictional character through which you participate in the game. There are two main types of Role Playing Games, Statistical Role Playing Games and social Role Playing Games. In statistical Role Playing Games a heavy emphasis is placed on performing tasks in order to advance the characters numerical statistics. Statistical Role Playing Games limit character action, character growth and interaction with other characters but are the most popular form of Role Playing Game. Social Role Playing Games place more of an emphasis on story rather than statistics, all that matters is having fun by progressing through an interactive and challenging story.

Why play Role Playing Games?

Different players will enjoy different elements of Role Playing Games. Some players enjoy risking everything on the throw of a dice, others prefer to discover all the mysteries and compete against the challenges of a detailed and well thought through story line. Most players like creating interesting, personalised and varied characters to participate in Role Playing Games and some enjoy using tactics and strategy to overcome challenges laid before them by the games master. It is important to note that not all people like the same elements of Role Playing Games and as such most Role Playing Games will provide a balanced mix of the different elements.

Compared to most other games, Role Playing Games have a more in depth character and storyline development. In some Role Playing Games players are given a character and receive little to no choice or options for customisation.  Most Role Playing Games allow players to create a character for the world in which they play. Character creation can be a simple or complex process depending on which Role Playing Game you are playing. In some Role Playing Games characters can be one of four races, one of up to sixteen classes and choose from over one hundred special abilities and skills. Each player in a game will choose a character with appropriate features to suit their purpose in the Role Playing Game, whether it be supporting other players in their band or becoming a one man army.

All Role Playing Games will fall on a spectrum between complex and simple. Role Playing Games that tend to be more complex are usually more realistic. As calculations must be made in order to determine the outcome of events such as combat the more complex a game is the more calculations that must be made resulting in slower game play. Simplified Role Playing Games however may be over simplified to the point where they become unrealistic or too simple with little to no replay value.

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