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An Online RPG Game is a Role Playing Game which is played online. To play an Online RPG Game a player will usually need to sign up to a website with a username, password and email address. In an Online RPG Game players have control over a character or a small band of characters rather than large armies of similar units. Like all RPGs an Online RPG Game will have an in depth storyline and character creation process.

Whilst playing an Online RPG Game a player will progress through a detailed storyline, complete quests and defeat monsters. Some of the appeal for the Online RPG Game genre lies in the development of a player’s character. In an Online RPG Game players will strive to improve their character by gaining experience and levelling up. When a character levels up the player has the option to choose how they would like their character to be improved.  Players will choose to improve attributes of their character such as dexterity, strength, charisma and intelligence and skills such as archery, swordsmanship, mercantile and various magic skills. As the character develops it can overcome more difficult obstacles, seeming almost to be superhuman.

An Online RPG Game is played online between the player’s character and a host of non-playable characters that populate the game. In an Online RPG Game the player can progress through the Online RPG Game with little to no interaction with other human players. Players will overcome a series of obstacles to complete the Game. Interaction between players is possible but limited, as interaction between characters encourages players to form bands to overcome obstacles and other bands resulting in the Online RPG Game becomming a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). In most cases other human players are not visible whilst playing an Online RPG Game.

Outlook for Online RPG Games

The Online RPG Game genre is becoming more popular with game players as technology improves. Improved technology increases the number of features, improves graphics quality and generates faster game play in an Online RPG Game. Programmers cannot programme everything into their Online RPG Game. Human games masters still allow players more freedom within their games for characters as they can create new and diverse environments and challenges for their players quicker than a programmer can for Online RPG Game players.

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