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Role Playing Games (RPG Games) allow you to immerse yourself in a fictional world or setting.

Players control fictional characters through which they can participate in the game. RPG Games have a more in depth character and storyline development. RPG Games differ from other game genres in that players will work together to accomplish common objectives rather than compete against each other.

RPG Games can be complex computer or pen and paper games or as simple as children’s games like cops and robbers or lets pretend. The most interesting and enjoyable RPG Games are played face to face with other people. Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most famous face to face RPG Games.

In online RPG Games the players character will interact with a host of non-playable characters that populate the game. In most online RPG Games which aren’t massive multiplayer online Role Playing Games (MMORPG Games) the player can progress through and even finish the game without any interaction with other human players.

MMORPG games are played by large numbers of people in an online environment. Players will communicate, interact and collaborate with each other to achieve their objectives. Players will join bands or factions and create friendships both inside and outside of the game.

Explore unlimited worlds. Grow, evolve and develop your civilisation from the beginning of time until the end of time. Interact with and destroy other cultures in your conquest of the world and galaxy. 

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