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Strategy Games


Wikipedia is a source of general knowledge on most topics. In a strategy game the players’ decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome. Many games include this element to a greater or lesser degree, making demarcation difficult…

Armor games

Armor games is a flash games site where you can test your skills and strategic thinking through playing games.

Star Trek Civilization IV Risk Command and Conquer

The First Decade

Activision Take 2 Interactive… Hasbro Games Electronic Arts
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This is the classic Global Domination Risk strategy game. Players will need to think strategically and employ negotiation and diplomacy to stand a chance of conquering the world.

The game consists of a game board with 42 territories split into 6 continents, a pack of cards, five D6 (6 sided dice) and 6 different coloured armies each with infantry, horses and cannons. A typical risk game can be expected to go for 2 – 4 hours, sometimes longer if more people are playing. Read more about Risk games here.

Command and Conquer The First Decade

Command and conquer the first decade contains all of the computer games from the popular Command and Conquer series up to Command and Conquer Generals. Among these is one of the best strategy games, Red Alert 2.

RPG Games


Wikipedia is a source of general knowledge. A role-playing game is a game in which the participants assume the roles of fictional characters…

Best Online RPG Games . com

Provides some of the best flash RPG games on the web and links to many others.

The Elder Scrolls IV World of Warcraft

Battle Chest

Dungeons and Dragons

Roleplaying Game

Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold
Bethesda Softworks Blizzard Entertainment TSR Atari
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World of Warcraft

World of warcraft is an immensly popular MMORPG Game. This box set contains the original game and all of the expansion packs.

Never Winter Nights

Never Winter Nights is the sequel to the classic dungeons and dragons role playing game.

Explore unlimited worlds. Grow, evolve and develop your civilisation from the beginning of time until the end of time. Interact with and destroy other cultures in your conquest of the world and galaxy. 

To go on an epic journey from the beginning of life right through to the end of time click here

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