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Halo Reach

Halo Reach, just another halo game?

Yes and no. Its still halo and has more of the same but its not just another rehash. The extra content and the changes create a new halo experience. ODST was a joke of a game in comparison to Halo Reach.

Some of the major advantages:
The graphics are a major improvement on Halo 3, not up to the standard of games like Killzone 2 but still very high quality. The blood and shield effects are very well done.

The music is well done and adds to the experience.

New engineering packs change the gameplay of Halo Reach. The pack options are hologram, bubble shield, cloaking, sprint, jetpack and an immobile invincibility shield. The covenant has a roll instead of sprint in multiplayer.

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Halo Reach is more difficult than past halo games but is still manageable. Enemies are more mobile and capable of dodging. There are a few new enemies and variations of previous enemies that make the game a little more diverse but enemies are mostly the same as before.

There are new weapons. There is no dual wielding. Both factions have weapons that are very similar. All the weapons seem more effective than they were in the past. The particle beam gun is awesome as is the covenant grenade launcher. The rocket launcher can lock onto vehicles. The battle rifle is single fire instead of burst.

You can customise your characters. Every kill you make gives you credits which you can spend to make your character look different. You can get new helmets, knee pads, add-ons, etc. Customising your character doesn’t give any advantages in combat, its just visual. Your custom armor will show in single player, multiplayer and cut scenes.

Vehicles. There’s a mini wraith vehicle that can carry other people too. There’s a missile launcher mounted Warthog. The humans have the VTOL aircraft with side gunners again. The ghost has been nerfed. The invincibility power ruins running people over.

The multiplayer features are the best thing about Halo Reach. There is an invasion mode where you play covenant vs NSDF and try to capture objectives. There is some firefight, which is like ODST, but was an improvement on ODST. You can put human players on the covenant side to make it more challenging.

You don’t have to play as covenant at all. You’re able to play as one character through the whole story line and grow with that character’s development without the interruption of playing as another character. The Covenant is your enemy.

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Some negatives about Halo Reach include:

No 4 player split screen in big team battle, campaign or firefight. This really limits the use of Halo Reach as a party game.

Humans seem to win invasion mode most of the time.

You can spawn off of team mates in multiplayer, which sounds cool but as soon as one guy gets past your defenses its suddenly 2 guys. Also spawning next to someone that is 100 ft in the air is not so good for your survivability.

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