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Castle Wars

Castle Wars is an easy to learn, difficult to master game created by Etiumsoft. You play as one of six lords on a map and try to conquer the land in this turn based strategy game.

Castle Wars

The Castle Wars game is set up on a hexagon grid. Every hexagon you capture increases the income for your kingdom by 1. If a tree or grass grows on a hexagon you own you will lose the income for that hexagon. Grass and trees can be removed by recapturing the hexagon with a unit or building.

On the three starting maps you get with the shareware version of Castle Wars you start with three or four small kingdoms. Each kingdom has its own income and upkeep. Joining kingdoms together combines the income and upkeep for both kingdoms, which means you can build bigger and better infantry and buildings earlier. It is a good idea to build up your kingdoms a bit before joining them together but do try to join them together as soon as possible.

In Castle Wars there are three types of buildings and four types of infantry. Infantry are used to capture land for your kingdom and kill troops of the other five lords.

Castle Wars Units

The peasant Cost 10 Upkeep 3.
Captures land and prevents enemy peasants from capturing land that you own within 1 hexagon of the peasant.
The Swordsman Cost 20 Upkeep 8.
Captures land, can kill peasants and villages and prevents swordsman and peasants from capturing land that you own within 1 hexagon of the swordsman.
The Knight Cost 30 Upkeep 18.
Captures land, can kill enemy Castles, Villages, Peasants and Swordsman and prevents Knights, Swordsman and Peasants from capturing land you own within 1 hexagon of the knight.
The Dragon Cost 40 Upkeep 54.
Captures land, can kill anything except for enemy dragons and prevents any enemy infantry unit from capturing land within 1 hexagon of the dragon.

Castle Wars Buildings

All buildings in Castle Wars have no upkeep and prevent grass and trees from growing on the hexagon they occupy.
The Village Cost 10.
Prevents peasants from capturing land within 1 hexagon of the village.
The Castle Cost 40.
Prevents swordsman and peasants from capturing land within 1 hexagon of the castle.
The Palace Cost 200.
Prevents knights, swordsman and peasants from capturing land within 1 hexagon of the Palace.

If you cant pay the upkeep for the troops in your kingdom then all of your troops will die. You can sell troops that haven’t moved in your turn for half of their cost price. Buildings cannot be sold and will not be lost if all of the troops die. A useful strategy in Castle Wars is to cut off enemy troops from the rest of the enemy’s kingdom so that they die.

Play Castle Wars now for free. Command your armies and conquer the land in this simple but addictive turn based strategy game.

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