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Bananagrams Board Game

The Bananagrams game is a fun, fast and 100% portable addictive word game.

Bananagrams is a fantastic educational word game that the whole family can enjoy.

Bananagrams gameThe Bananagrams game is comprised of 144 tiles and a yellow banana shaped pouch. Games can be played by 1 – 8 players in under 5 minutes.

To play the Bananagrams game place all of the tiles face down in the centre of the table. In a game with up to four players each player draws 21 tiles, 5 – 6 players draw 15 tiles, and in games of 7 or more players draw 11 tiles. One person yells ‘split’ and the Bananagrams game begins.

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Players try to arrange all of their letters into words in a crossword like style. When a person has used all of their tiles they yell ‘peel’ and each player draws a tile. Players then try to incorporate this tile into their crossword. If a person decides that they don’t like or can’t use a tile they can ‘dump’ the tile by putting it back in the middle and drawing three more tiles.

When a person has used all of their tiles and there are not enough tiles left for every player to draw a tile the person yells ‘bananas’ instead of peel. All of the person’s words are checked by the other players to make sure that the words are real words. If all of the words are real words then that player wins the Bananagrams game, if not, that player is a rotten banana and their tiles are placed face down in the middle and play continues for the other players.
Players can make the Bananagrams game more interesting by disallowing 2 letter words or only making words related to a specific topic like food or animals.

The Bananagrams game is very addictive and will drive you bananas.

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