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Strategy pc games are becoming more and more popular with strategy war games and multiplayer strategy games being the most popular. Games strategy will vary depending on the nature and type of the online strategy games being played war strategy games generally requiring a higher degree of multi-faceted analysis,co-ordination and reasoning over the more general run of mill pc strategy games.

Free strategy games are generally linked to more comprehensive rpg strategy games and are usually used as a means of getting the player “hooked” on the basic strategy online games and then encouraging them to upgrade the free version to a more elaborate and comprehensive versions of those strategy games.

Strategy games are games where the outcome is mostly determined by skill rather than chance.

This site is designed to provide users with general information on the different types of game genres and what distinguishes these genres. Many links are located on in this site which link to sites where more information can be obtained or you can test and experience games for yourself.

Role Playing Games or rpg strategy games are games where players interact, communicate and collaberate to achieve a common purpose. First person shooters rely on the quick reactions and speedy trigger figure of players to complete a mission.

Adventure games encourage players to become involved in an indepth storyline which evolves over time.

All strategy games generally have increasing degrees of difficulty as the player progresses from the introductory levels of the game to each successive scenario or level. The intent being to continue to challenge the player with games strategy that require just the bit extra effort and intuition to be able to solve that challenge and as such maintain the interest and sense of achievement for the player as each new scenario is overcome.

Multiplayer strategy games present different challenges as it usually involves interaction with other non-computer players that introduces the randomness of the individual skill levels of the other players as well as the utilisation of alliances and the specific challenges that this can introduce.

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